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CJH Athletic Teams

Century participates in the following SWIC sports:

Basketball (boys) Dec. - March

  • Coaches Kyle Lennon and Kevin Pajeau

Basketball (girls) Oct. - Dec.

  • Coaches Kevin Pajeau and Joe Madsen

Cross Country (boys/girls) Sept. - Oct.

  • Coaches: Kevin Pajaeu and Vicki Russell

Soccer (boys/girls) April -  May

  • Coach: Joe Madsen

Softball (boys) Septe Oct.

  • Coach: Gregg Degen

Softball (girls) September - Oct.

  • Coach: Joe Madsen

Track (boys/girls) April - May

  • Coaches Joann Chan, Gregg Degen, and Vicki Russell

Volleyball (boys) Oct. - Dec.

  • Coaches: Maggie Colby and Joe Madsen

Volleyball (girls) Dec. - March

  • Coaches: Joe Galvan and Rob Dominguez