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Reading in the Library

2024 Rebecca Caudill Nominees

These titles will be used for the Library Reading Programs for the school year 2023-24.

2023-24 Reading Programs: 

    • Students choose books they want to read.
    • Prizes are awarded throughout the year.
    • Students who focus on reading Rebecca Caudill nominated books get invited to a Dessert Voting Party. YUM!

How to participate:

1. Read a book.

2. Fill out the Google Form posted in your Google Classroom, or scan the QR code in your class or library.

3. Get prizes on your library day!


Prize levels are as follows: 

3 Books: Plinko for Prizes!

~3 Caudills by the end of February: Invitation to Caudill Voting Party in February - with bonus SURPRISE included!

5 Books: Plinko for Prizes!

10 Books: Free book from Mrs. Hamernick's Book Stash.

15 Books: $5 to spend at Spring book fair (must have 15 books read by 2nd book fair).

20 Books: Certificate and announcement that you have conquered the challenge. 

*Conquer the Reader's Challenge 3 years in a row and get a special medal at the end of 8th grade.