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Parents For Education (PFE)

What is Parents for Education?

Parents for Education, also known as PFE, was established to organize parental support and involvement in Orland School District 135.  We are parents working together with the faculty and staff of our schools to provide the best possible educational experiences.  We come together at meetings to plan activities, share ideas, and stay connected to our school communities.  PFE is a vital organization in each school and helps provide countless activities and numerous items otherwise unavailable to our students.

Though we are called "Parents for Education", this organization actually is most effective because of the wide range of individuals committed to its mission, which is to provide a collaborative, safe learning environment for every child in District 135.  Teachers, principals, support staff, and community groups are encouraged to become involved, active members who help to create programs that enhance the educational development of our children.

The PFE has an executive board that is comprised of representatives from each school within the district, as well as an administrative liaison. Each school has their own PFE board along with various committee coordinators.

PFE offers a variety of activities each year that consider the many aspects of the educational, social and emotional well being of our children.  We offer programs that relate to such topics as language arts, math, assessment, helping students at home, as well as special opportunities available at each school.  We also sponsor activities that promote family fun and school unity.

Once you've seen the PFE in action, you'll want to be part of this empowering organization.  Join PFE and show your support of an organization that continually provides funding and volunteer support district-wide for a variety of programs and school "extras.”

Get Involved!

We invite you to join PFE and become involved in one of our many committees.  Regardless of the amount of time you have to give, each time you become involved it sends a powerful message to our children that you value education.  Whatever your skills or interests, there is a place for you in PFE.  As we work to develop a safe, caring, challenging, respectful community, it is wonderful to know that our children are the number one benefactors.

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PFE Sponsored Activities
  • 8th Grade Celebrations
  • Assemblies
  • Support for the Veteran's assembly
  • Support for the DARE Program
  • Author Visits
  • Book Fairs
  • Community Restaurant Nights
  • Fall and Spring Fundraisers
  • Project Volunteers
  • Support Reading Programs
  • VIW Prizes
  • Staff Appreciation Events
  • Classroom Wish Lists
  • And much, much more...!